The Music Program at Center Congregational Church strives to bring a spiritual connection to the people through songs of praise.  We accomplish this through our sanctuary choir, handbell choir, and psalmody every week.

Handbell Choir
The Handbell Choir performs monthly with a beautiful set of Schulmerich bells.  Every Tuesday night at 7, they work together to bring joy and spirituality to the congregation through their anthems and even have a strong fellowship with each other.  There are many with talents ranging from professional musicians to those who are learning on the job.  If you have an interest in learning to play, you are most welcome; no audition is required.

Sanctuary Choir
Throughout the readings of the Bible, there are a great many songs.  An two entire books of the Old Testament are dedicated to using song: The Songs of Solomon and The Book of Psalms.  By singing every week, the Sanctuary Choir uplifts the congregation through the gift of song by using their voices to praise the Lord.  Whether through their psalmody or anthems, the choir is always present to bring joy to the congregation.  They meet every Wednesday night at 7 and all are welcome to join; no audition is required.

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